Shining a light on female wildlife rangers

World Female Ranger Day is the first-ever awareness day that celebrates female wildlife rangers globally, with a spotlight on Africa for 2021.



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Support female wildlife rangers working on the front line of wildlife conservation.

This year, we are spotlighting Africa but welcome rangers from around the world to get involved.



Meet some of the incredible women who help protect wildlife from extinction.

Calling All

Female Rangers

Are you a ranger, scout or eco guard? If so, we'd love for you to share your story here.

World Female

Ranger Award

Celebrate the work of a female ranger and nominate them for this award.


We're Supporting UN Sustainable Development Goals


World Female Ranger Day centres its values around the UN Sustainable Development Goals, specifically:




In keeping with these goals, this campaign will support female-led conservation efforts across the globe and increase gender diversity in anti-poaching ranger teams. Photo: Brent Stirton



Celebrating Real Role Models


World Female Ranger Day has been created by women, about women, for women and with the support of men and women who respect and promote gender equality. Photo: Ilan Godfrey


“Having spent time on the front line with multiple all-female anti-poaching units in Africa, it’s evident why the female ranger movement is picking up such momentum. These incredible women are proving to be highly successful on patrol as well as easing local tension and strengthen relationships within their communities.”

Holly Budge


Join Us in Our Mission to Celebrate and Support Female Rangers Globally and Protect Wildlife.


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